Spousal Support/Alimony

When a marriage breaks up in a divorce or legal separation, there is a question about spousal support and alimony. It is best to have Kathleen Buckley-O’Neill, P.C. provide legal representation, so you can be sure your best interests are upheld. There often is emotional conflict over support issues, and by having an attorney represent your best interest, you get more control over those emotions and a better outcome.

Litigation Options

Many spousal support and alimony matters can be resolved through mediation to avoid the added time and expense of going into a courtroom for dispute resolution. The experienced alimony attorney at Kathleen Buckley-O’Neill, P.C. is just the fighter you need on your side to get satisfactory results. We have helped clients for over 34 years come to workable agreements surrounding spousal support and alimony issues.

Fairness is as important to us as to our clients. We are ready to do all the investigation necessary to expose hidden income and assets in a contentious divorce or separation. Even in a situation that is apparently amicable, it is smart to have an attorney’s help. Our clients’ best interests are important to us, and we have the knowledge needed to dig into the facts that are essential to calculating accurate support and alimony. If we need investigators or expert witnesses to support your position, we have them ready to work for you.

Calculating Support/Alimony

Attorney Kathleen B. Lewis brings both compassion and understanding when working with her clients to iron out troublesome problems. Many things go into calculating support/alimony payments, including locating all assets. Setting appropriate spousal support and alimony payments is important for a fair outcome to both parties. Our attorney has helped hundreds of clients reach agreements about these important matters, through mediation and in the courtroom.

Personal Attention

Every client receives personal attention and unique strategies and solutions for their problems. We value our clients and are happy to help them move past troubled times to go forward with their lives. Life and relationships are not always a piece of cake. When you need experienced legal advice and representation, call Kathleen Buckley-O’Neill PC. We are ready to discuss your case and help you decide what course of action will best suit your legal problems and goals.

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