Divorce and Mediation

After a lot of pain and suffering, you and your spouse have come to the difficult conclusion that a divorce is necessary. Whether this decision was reached in a peaceful manner or through seemingly endless fights, it is finally time to move on. Unfortunately, you cannot truly move forward until you have resolved the thorny issues related to your property, your finances and your children. Although the prospect of wading through all this may seem stressful, it is possible to come through in one piece; it simply takes the assistance of an understanding Genesee County divorce attorney, such as Kathleen B. Lewis.

Benefits Of Mediation

Over the years, the divorce process has come to be regarded as an inevitable drawn-out battle. But what many couples considering divorce fail to realize is that, with the help of mediation, they can make it through the divorce process with minimal stress. This is particularly important if children are involved, as kids are usually more negatively impacted by the bitterness of divorce proceedings than they are by the concept of divorce itself. Mediation can also be a financial boon when compared to settling in court; there’s no need for the expenses related to drawn-out court cases. Perhaps the greatest benefit of pursuing mediation is the comparatively dignified nature of the practice. Instead of a bitter divorce battle, couples pursuing mediation can part on amicable terms, ensuring a positive working relationship in the future.

Understanding And Compassionate Attorney

The last thing you need in a Genesee County divorce attorney is somebody who will add fuel to the fire. Rather, as you seek a peaceful resolution, it is important to find an attorney who is both knowledgeable about the divorce process and understanding of your many concerns. Attorney Kathleen B. Lewis is skilled in the art of communication, always encouraging open and honest conversation. She understands the importance of getting the full story from both parties, but also takes care to ensure that this process is completed with a mutual sense of respect. Instead of encouraging further bickering, Attorney Kathleen B. Lewis opens the door for a calm series of conversations. Both parties will emerge satisfied that the best resolution possible has been reached — and without the petty battles seen in so many of today’s divorce cases.