Child Custody and Support

Emotions can run rampant during disagreements over child custody and support. Whether you are divorced already, contemplating a separation or deciding if divorce is your best solution, it is important to get legal advice and representation from an attorney who is knowledgeable about these matters. At Kathleen Buckley-O’Neill, P.C., Flint, MI, our primary focus is on Family Law, including divorce, child custody and support issues.

Experienced Attorney

For more than 34 years, Attorney Kathleen B. Lewis has helped clients from Genesee and surrounding counties resolve difficult family law issues. Our clients are all ages, from all demographic areas and have a wide range of income levels. We provide personal attention and customized solutions to clients struggling with being responsible parents who also want to preserve their rights during relationship disputes or a break-up.

Areas of Experience

Many important issues of parenting and child care are brought before Attorney Kathleen B. Lewis. She is a compassionate and skilled attorney who enjoys helping clients find satisfactory resolution to important problems that occur during divorce or separation times. She offers extensive knowledge and experience in the following Family Law practice areas:

  • Divorce
  • Separation/Separate Maintenance
  • Child Custody/Support
  • Parenting/Visitation Time
  • Spousal Support/Alimony
  • Mediation
  • Modifications

Custody and Support Issues

We understand that families in conflict over child custody and support want those problems resolved quickly and fairly, without unnecessary expense. This is our goal also. We provide our clients top quality legal service and representation, without cutting corners or losing sight of client goals.

We believe clients should be treated with respect and be kept up-to-date with case developments. We are happy to provide personal service, including email and regular mail correspondence, updates on case progress and being available to answer client inquiries promptly. We don’t want clients to have regrets when their case is over.

We Care About Clients

Keeping in touch, working in a cost-effective manner, and always promoting the parent-child relationship are equally important to us. We are meticulous in efforts to keep the best interests of the minor children at the core of solutions, and parents appreciate our work. Clients often recommend us to their family, friends and others because they have had beneficial results from working with our law firm.

If you have any questions about our child custody and support legal services, or wish to discuss your case and determine what legal options will bring you best results, please contact our Flint, MI, law offices. Call us now, at (810) 694-6461 to arrange for your consultation with Attorney Kathleen B. Lewis.