Client Reviews

Review of Attorney Kathleen Buckley-O’Neil

Kathleen was my second Attorney that I retained for my divorce. She came highly recommended by her colleagues. She has worked very hard for me in what has been a difficult divorce situation for me. She is VERY prompt at responding to my emails/phone calls. She has returned my calls even after business hours and replied to emails afterhours and weekends. I do not believe you will find another attorney that can out work her. She has gone above and beyond by not only representing me as client but also listening to me as a person as I struggled through a difficult situation. I have already recommended her to other people and will continue to recommend her to anybody that needs an attorney. I felt that my previous counsel was out worked and always on the defensive. Since retaining Kathleen that is no longer the case. I know she is not being out worked and I no longer feel that I am reacting to situations but being pro active to settle my case. She is an aggressive pro active attorney that has helped me out tremendously. She definitely will fight for her clients and I am glad she was able to take my case. Outstanding lawyer that I would retain again if I ever had to.

- (5 star review)

Very professional – was able guide my expectations and ultimately we won the case

I am very happy with the process of working with Kathleen Buckley-O’Neill for a child custody case. She was very upfront with me regarding expectations and requirements of the court. She was able to connect me and my children with really good and effective support and resources. It seemed like a long and tedious process but Kathleen was able to give me the encouragement to know that this was very much worth it. We were able to acheive a trial result that was very positive to me and that would benefit the children. I hired her based on recommendation of a friend and after I read her reviews on here. I was told that she is very direct but that is something that I appreciate. I don’t seek out false comforts and it would not help my case to be misled about the legal system. To this end, I would recommend her and I would hire her again. As a matter of fact, I have hired her again to represent me for the appeal.

- (5 star review)

The best professional around!

The day I walked into Kathy’s office, I was defeated, beaten down and afraid. After talking to her at my consultation, I realized she would have my back. She fought for me, and only had my well being as a focus. Although the process lasted much longer than I had hoped, it was entirely worth the wait. She is my hero and an amazing, intelligent, and tenacious professional! I owe her so much more than money, which she is worth every single penny. She was so brilliant and supportive in a way I never thought I deserved! Now, I have a future. If anyone ever asks me for a reference, Kathy gets my backing 100% plus!

- (5 star review)

The best in the county.

I retained Kathy to handle my very acrimonious divorce and child custody matter. It was a highly emotional spousal abandonment situation. Kathy understood that I needed to vent, and in return she offered valuable advice. If I could give Kathy more than 5 stars, I would.

While she’s not the warm and fuzzy type, she really does have a heart of gold, and always looks out for her client. Even when I annoyed her by engaging in some drama with my ex, she maintained her professionalism and composure.

She has the sharpest legal mind in the room, and is steps ahead of opposing counsel, holding her arguments until just the right moment.

If you retain Kathy, the best advice I can offer, is to keep your emotions in check, and trust that she will do the best job she can for you.

- (5 star review)